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Students Activities

Students Activities in Chembilode HSS

Tree Plantation

This tree planting program is a learning opportunity to get kids involved in the environment and conservation of our natural resources

Taekwondo Practice

The school provides training in taekwondo wchich is an form of martial arts to the students. This self-defense will help them to be fit and it would also impart a self-defence skill in times of crisis.

School Sastramela

School Sasthramela is conducted in schools in order to motivate creativity, inventiveness and the attitude for innovations in science and mathematics, and encourage the students on activities, experiments, technological modules etc.

Football Practice

Our Physical Education staff are highly committed to fitness and wellness. They have vast experience in drawing out the best sporting instincts in students and getting all children involved in what is a superb social as well as physical activity.

Kathakali Study Program

The traditional system of Indian education ‘Gurukula’ is the spearhead of our classical art forms.  As far as Kathakalischool is concerned we have well experienced teachers well known in the field

School Study Tour

The Study Tour. Every year,

Road Safety Tips

Road Safety Tips in  school were constituted for involving the student community in road safety activities and to create awareness on Road Use.

Garden Cleaning

School gardens are much more successful when the community is interested and involved. And it is a good idea to involve them right from the start in planning and discussing the garden

Republic, Auguest 15

The Republic Day And Auguest 15 was celebrated  in all its solemnity and grandeur at Chembilode School The students saluted the National Flag  and pledged themselves to upholding the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “ India”.